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Lesson One. -  Welcome to English.  /0/.

Lesson. One. Welcome. Language.   /1.0/.


Hello, my friend. How are you? Fine, thank you.  /1/.

Hello. Friend. How. You. Are. Well. Thanks.    /1.1/.

Bad. I´m sorry.  /1.2/.


What is your name? My name is Flower. A beautiful name.  /3/.

What. Name. I. Flower. Beautiful.   /1.3/.

Stone. Hope. Light. Dream. Right. Courage.  /1.4/.


Please, where is a beautiful place? Go to the water. Good bye.  /5/.

Please. Where. Place. Go. To. Water. Farewell.   /1.5/.

Interesting. Special. Clean. Natural. Earth. /1.6/.


Is the water here? Yes, the water is here. Come in. /7/.

Here. Yes. Come. Into.   /1.7/.

Air. Fire. No, not.  Leave. Out. Door. Open. Close. /1.8/.



Lesson Two.-  Buying and selling . /0/.

Two. Buy. And. Sell. /2.0/.


What would you like?  I´d  like some bread.  I haven´t got any.  Here you are. /1/.

Want. Bread. Have. /2.1/.

Fruit. Food. Drink. /2.2/.


How much is it? Give me three coins. /3/.

How much?  To give. Three. Coin. /2.3/.

Four. Five. Paper. Business.  /2.4/.


I don´t like this pencil. Do you have a blue pencil? /5/.

To like. This. Pencil. Blue. /2.5/.

Book. Box. Yellow. Green. Red. /2.6/.


That is too much. I´ll give you two coins. That is little money. /7/.

Too much. Little. /2.7/.

Change. Bag. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. /2.8/.


Lesson Three.-  Introducing my family. /0/.

To introduce. Family.  /3.0/.


How old are you? I am ten years old. /1/.

Age. Ten. Year. /3.1/.

Measure. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. /3.2/.


Who is your grandfather?  He is the man with white hair. /3/.

Who. Grandfather. He. Man. White. Hair. /3.3/ .

Mother. Father. Woman. Black. Dress. Shoes. Flag. /3.4/.


How many grandchildren does he have? We are fifteen children. /5/.

Grandchild. We. Fifteen. Child. /3.5/.

Son. Boy/ young. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Colour. /3.6/.


Which is your sister´s profession? She is a doctor . /7/.

Profession. Sister. Doctor. /3.7/.

Cousin. Student. Teacher. Worker. Peasant. Artist. Policeman, policewoman. /3.8/.


Lesson Four.-  Play with us. /0/.

Play. With. /4.0/.


What do you like doing? I like sports and also listening to music. /1/.

To do. Sport. Also. Listen to. Music. /4.1/.

To know. To paint. To swim. To run. To read. To write. To sleep. Ball. Bicycle. /4.2/.


When will the game be? Tomorrow evening. /3/.

When. Will be. Tomorrow. Evening. /4.3/ .

Event. Meeting. Protest. Concert. Theater. Today. Morning. Night.  /4.4//.


What time will it be? At twenty past six. /5/.

Time. Hour. Twenty. Minute. /4.5/.

Twenty five. Thirty. Forty. Fifty. Half. A quarter. Always. Never. /4.6/.


Are there any available places? There are some free chairs. /7/.

Some. Free. Chair. /4.7/.

Field. Track. Table. None. All. Machine. Car. Electric. /4.8/.



Lesson Five.-  Tell us your story. /0/.

Tell. Story.  /5.0/.

Listen to this tale. It happened five thousand years ago. /1/.

Thousand. Ago. /5.1/.

Yesterday. Sixty. Seventy. Eighty. Ninety. Hundred. Month. Week. /5.2/.


A lion and a horse were in the forest. They were hunting together. /3/.

Lion. Horse. In. Forest. Hunt. Together. / 5.3/.

Dog. Cat. Cow. Bird. Fish. King. House. Beach. School. /5.4/.


What happened then? The lion divided the prey into two parts.   /5/.

 After. Divide. Prey. Part. /5.5.

 Before. In front of. Behind. Over. Under. Near. Far. Animal. A plant. Thing. /5.6/.


Finally, the lion said: One part is for me, and the other too.  /7/.

Finally. For. Other. /5.7/.

Appear. Disappear. Frighten. Weapon. Country. Rich. Poor. War. Peace. /5.8/.


Lesson Six.-  Give us your opinion. /0/.

Opinion. /6.0/.


What do you think about the horse? He was very kind. /1/.

Think. About. Kind.  /6.1/.

Love. Politics. Religion. Sex. Life. Death. Useful. Necessary. Important. /6.2/.


Do you agree? No. Why? Because he was silly. /3/.

Agree. Why. Because. Silly. /6.3/ .

Clever. Solidarity. Easy. Difficult. Normal. Fear. Science. True. Lie. /6.4/.


What is the meaning of that word? He should not have gone with the lion. /5/.

Meaning. Word. Shall. /6.5/.

Equal. Different. More. Less. Ugly. Happy. Smile. Patience. /6.6/.


I don´t understand. Can you repeat it?  Strength does not mean justice. /7/.

Understand. Can you?  Repeat. Strength. Justice. /6.7/.

Help. Follow. Observe. Respect. Luck. Deserve. Try . Learn. Law. Vote. /6.8/.